Short Term Course

A short term course is highly job oriented and focuses on organisation providing ample number of jobs. These courses impart necessary skills in candidate which help to land a decent job with prime priority in commercial endeavors.

Advanced Excel

Advance Excel course provides training based on creating and managing Spreadsheets for Daily Expense Report, Supplier / Customer Details, Labour Shift / Timing Details, Stock / Inventory Details, Payroll Information and Statistical Charts. After learning this short term course you can be an asset of any organization!

Course Covers
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • File Storage Management via Network & Local
  • Fundamentals of Excel
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Options
    • Column Data type
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Pivot Table, Charts, Sparklines
    • Advance Printing options like Print Tiles, Print Area
    • Functions like Vlookup, Sumif, Countif, If, Sum, Rank, Roundup, Hour and moreā€¦
    • Formula Auditing, Evaluation of Formula
    • Data Validation & Remove Duplicates
    • Goal Seek & Scenario Management
    • Group, Ungroup, Subtotal
    • Split and Freeze Panels

Eligibility 10th / 12th / Graduates / Undergraduates

Course Duration

Advance Excel course is of 15 Days duration. Classes are typically held 1 hour a day of 6 days a week. Practical Labs are held subsequently after class hour for 1 hour a day of 6 days a week.