Linguistic Intelligence

     Linguistic Intelligence is an intelligence which involves the knowing of language; through reading, writing, and speaking. It involves understanding the order and meaning of words in both speech and writing and how to properly use the language. Language learning is the process by which the language capability develops in a human.

Spoken Hindi

     Spoken Hindi course is a career development program designed to develop a solid foundation in speaking and writing Hindi with grammar which helps you to create your own Hindi sentences correctly for proper communication.

Advance level to improve their proficiency (Fluency) in Hindi to communicate more effectively in everyday life that even improves your career opportunities.

Course Covers

Level 1 (Basic Hindi)

  • Hindi Alphabets and their proper Pronunciation
  • Hindi Words formation
  • Sentence Making in Hindi
  • Practice on proper Reading
  • Basic Grammar
  • Speaking Methods & Tonality

Level 2 (Advanced Hindi)

  • Advance Grammar
  • Hard word Pronunciation
  • Dialogue Creation
  • Speaking Practice
  • Conversation between Students
  • Translation: Hindi to Tamil and Vice Versa
  • Grammar Correction¬†¬†

Eligibility 10th / 12th / Graduates / Undergraduates

Course Duration

Spoken Hindi level 1 course is of 3 months duration and level 2 is of 3 months duration. Classes are typically held 1 hour a day of 6 days a week.