Short term technical courses are highly job oriented and focuses on core Industries providing ample number of jobs. These technical courses impart necessary skills in students which help to land a decent job with prime priority in commercial endeavors.

Diploma in Networking

Diploma in Networking is a technical program designed to facilitate learning in-depth knowledge of industry relevant and technical employment in Network Administration. Courseware is aimed to bridge the gap between Employee needs and employer needs. This course provides Knowledge and training to support and manage organisation computer network.

Course Highlights
  • Courseware aids the candidate to fulfill all the network requirement of an organisation.
  • Network support in any organisation has high demand.
  • Multi-platform trainings are provided to coordinate Organisation Resource and Security.
  • Training to upkeep, configure, routine maintenance, identify and troubleshoot problems in a network.
  • Real Time Coaching and Training.
  • Improves for a promotion or even to land on better job.

Course Covers
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Introduction to Networking
  • About Network Classification on different basis
  • Components used in a Network
  • Network Media – Guided and Unguided
  • Different Topology structures of Network
  • About Network Protocol
  • Different Classes of Internet Protocol
  • Methods of Cable Crimping
  • Server & Client OS Installation
  • Ethernet Driver's Configure
  • User Accounts Rights and Security
  • Constructing and configuring a Network (LAN)
  • Assigning IP Address
  • Files & Printer Sharing
  • Advance Sharing & security
  • Map Network Drive
  • Restore Previous Version
  • Remote Desktop
  • Router Configure
  • Outlook Configure
  • Periodic Maintenance of network
  • Problem Identification & Trouble Shooting Techniques

Eligibility 10th / 12th / Graduates / Undergraduates

Course Duration
Normal Track Diploma in Hardware course is of 30 Days duration. Classes are typically held 1 hour a day of 6 days a week.
Fast Track Diploma in Hardware course is of 15 Days duration. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day of 6 days a week.