Programing Course

     Programming course is rapidly becoming an extremely desirable skill for almost every company which results in plenty of jobs. These courses impart necessary Programming skills in students which turn themselves as a professional to land a decent job with prime priority in any IT endeavors.

PHP - Personal Home Page

     PHP Programming course is designed to learn and enjoy the art of programming in-depth. PHP is a scripting language that is suited to server-side web developments which are usually used to create dynamic web page content on website.

Course Covers
  • What is PHP
  • How PHP better than other
  • Benefits Of Using PHP MYSQL
  • Server Side Scripting Language
  • Web Browse Web Server
  • Web Developing Concept
  • MYSQL Function in PHP
  • SQL Queries

Eligibility 12th / Graduates / Undergraduates

Course Duration

PHP Programming course is of 30 Days duration. Classes are typically held 1 hour a day of 6 days a week. Practical Labs are held subsequently after class hour for 1 hour a day of 6 days a week.