Short Term Course

A short term course is highly job oriented and focuses on organisation providing ample number of jobs. These courses impart necessary skills in candidate which help to land a decent job with prime priority in commercial endeavors.

Touch Typing

Touch typing (or touch keyboarding) is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. A touch typist will know their location on the keyboard through muscle memory.

Touch typing is a career program designed to facilitate the candidate to acquire required typing skill in multi-language. This training program is aimed to bridge the gap between education and employment.

Course Covers
  • Keyboard Layouts
  • Key Location and Typing Patterns

  • Keyboard Practice
    • English Language Typing
    • or
    • Tamil Language Typing
    • or
    • Hindi Language Typing
    • or
    • Arabic Language Typing

Eligibility 10th / 12th / Graduates / Undergraduates

Course Duration

Touch Typing course is of 20 Hours duration for each language. Practice are typically held 1 hour a day of 6 days a week.